Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have You Checked Out SBCVote.com?

Joe Holland in my humble opinion is one of those elected officials that is available and doing his best to make sure his organization stays up to date. One of his latest endevours to keep information that is of public record available to the public is http://www.sbcvote.com/.

I highly recommend looking at the real estate related resources that are made available. Two of the better ones are the recent homes sales and grantor grantee index.

With the recent home sales you can choose any city in the county and request home sales back 6 months. This is particularly helpful if you are used to trying to value your home from the likes of Zillow or Cyberhomes. The information from the County site is something I have found accurate, when I'm not certain how complete or accurate other sites are.

The Grantor Grantee Index option will allow you to look up names of individuals or entitities who you may need to find with respects to the documents they are recording or have recorded. Very helpful!

One other feature they have are charts. One of the charts available is the one showing the number of defaults being recorded.

All in all, check it out. You will probably find something of interest to you. Great Job Joe!

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