Friday, February 1, 2008

Get Your Real Estate Documents Online

I first began working in the Title Business for Safeco Title Company in Los Angeles County. I was a messenger and one of the items I would deliver were blank documents to escrow companies and real estate offices.

The supply of these documents in the warehouse seemed to go on forever. The only other place I knew of to get these documents was the good old Stationery Store.

There isn't any reason to go to the Stationery Store anymore to get blank copies of Grant Deeds, or Quitclaim Deeds.

If you didn't know already our website has many of the most commonly needed documents for handling real estate transactions.

This of course has saved us money, in that we don't have to print them and keep them on hand for our customers and transactions.

It has also made life easier for people who need these documents because you can get what you want either in pdf format or in a Word document. You can save them to your computer and fill them out as you need them.

So, check out our blank real estate document library to see if we have what you need. I would always recommend talking with an attorney and or cpa before using these documents so you know you are using them correctly.

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