Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa Maria And Lompoc January Sales

Property Sales in the Santa Maria and Lompoc area did not show anything other than the seasonal slowness you would expect.

There were 95 transactions reported by CORT. This matched the most recent low number of 95 in October and is a drop from the 112 in December.

I am expecting the market in these areas to start getting some momentum behind it.

With help from The Economic Stimulus package which will increase the conforming loan limit in these areas, I am expecting some renewed confidence for buyers in this market. These neighborhoods will probably quickly transition out of the double digit sales numbers we have seen recently.

I am also anticipating that with all the different lender related solutions for people facing foreclosure that Santa Maria and Lompoc should start to be less affected by those properties being on the market. Time Will Tell!

See You In Escrow!

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