Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How often do you hear that phrase in the Escrow Business? My guess would be almost never. Well Lawyers Title has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any residential purchase transaction. The way it works is if for any reason a buyer or seller is not happy with the escrow service we provided they can ask for a refund of their escrow fee. No questions asked after the close of escrow we will send them a check for their escrow fee. How is that for backing up your actions. This should eliminate any realtor anxiety when it comes to recommending us to their clients. They can let them know that their escrow fee can be refunded if they are not 100% satisfied. I'm not sure anyone in the real estate business backs up their efforts with a guarantee like that. I know that none of my competitors have a policy like that in place. This guarantee is a posted rate with the California Dept. of Insurance which eliminate any doubt as to whether we will back it up. Consider Lawyers Title on your next transaction.


jason said...

Great post! I am gonna share it with my own blog readers at jason.landbrokr.com ! Thanks.

Greg Knowles said...

Thanks Jason! I think this is a really good tool for agents to rely on.

Anonymous said...


Your post says

"This should eliminate any realtor recommending us to their clients."

I don't think you meant to say this....did you? - J.

Greg Knowles said...

You are right, I wasn't clear there. I will edit it. Thanks for being my proof reader.