Friday, August 24, 2007

City Council Race Underway!

Santa Barbara's city council race is under way with the list of candidates, Das Williams, Dr. Michael Cooper, Frank Hotchkiss, Brian Barnwell, Bob Hansen, Helene Schneider, Dr. Daniel Litten, Dale Francisco, Michelle Giddens. Dr. Michael Cooper has withdrawn from the race, but one of our own seems to be going full steam ahead, Frank Hotchkiss. He has been a real estate professional in town for a number of years and I believe decided to kick off his campaign due to what he believed was a bad decision by city council regarding the now apparently dead Blue Line project. I noticed that another local blog paid him some attention in a fun sort of way. Check it out at I wish Frank good luck. It will be interesting to see how he compares the real estate business and the business of politics. There are 3 seats that are being contested for. Decision day will be November 6th. Good Luck Frank!

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