Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Disclosure?

I'm just catching up with some of the news. I'm hearing about the Blue Wave that is going to be painted along the streets in some of the low lying areas to represent a 7 meter rise in sea level. My reaction, WOW! I have 2 issues with this project. First do they know how this might possibly affect the price of homes that end up on the inside of this line or even across the street from it. Are real estate agents or their sellers now going to have to disclose this information to potential buyers? I'm sorry but this is a bad idea. My other issue with this project is the fact that one of our city counsel members Helene Schneider in an effort to make sure that money would not be a road block for this project went out and raised $12,000. She apparently had no problem getting it. In a day and age when gang violence and money to keep up our schools is at a premium she wants to raise money to paint a line in the street to raise awareness for global warming. Seems crazy to me. Here is their website.

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