Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rain In Santa Barbara, Can't Be!

If any of you out there are like I am, a big wimp who doesn't want to go out in this rain, then maybe you would want to check out the following links to see what to expect.

The first couple of links show what the rainfall totals have been over the years.

The second couple are from KEYT. The last one from KEYT is a pretty cool map showing the latest Doppler radar.

Checking the forecast, it looks like we are in for some wet weather for a while. The thunder and lightening have been pretty exciting and or nerve wracking. I know everyone here at the office is worried about backing up there work regularly so they don't lose anything. The way it was coming down a little while ago makes me think we should build an ark. Enjoy your day, we don't get this often.

Just in case you were wondering;

Santa Barbara, California -- Wettest month on record, 1998. 21.74 inches (55.22 cm) of rain fell in February, the most rain in a month since record keeping began.

Santa Barbara Rainfall
County Website
101 Closed
KEYT Doppler Radar

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