Monday, January 28, 2008

A Website That Searches The Web For Listings?

This is a bit of a new twist. At least from what I've run accross.

DotHomes is a search engine that originated on the other side of the pond in England. They have a clean and interesting approach to the Real Estate Portal.

What there site does;

  1. It searches the internet for listings, no matter what website they are on.
  2. Then a google map will pop up with the markers for the listings DotHomes has found.
  3. You can then click on these markers and the detailed information for that listing comes up.

I just typed in a zip code and and away it went. You can narrow your search if you so desire. If a listing is found on more than one website it will show all the listings it has found with links to them.

I spent a few minutes just typing in a couple of searches locally and found the format that they were displayed in kinda cool. I have absolutely no idea how current or accurate the information is going to end up being. I can tell you that I found that most of the listings were from Coldwell Banker. I'll check in on this site in the future just to see if it becomes more complete.
Ultimately they will sell advertising to real estate related businesses.

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