Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#1, 2nd Year In A Row!

Below is some self promotion, but every now and then I just think you have to do it, so please indulge me. This is copied and pasted from an email we recieved today. Thanks!

Today, Fortune named LandAmerica the Most Admired Company in the Mortgage Services industry for the second year in a row. We ranked first out of hundreds of companies, holding our top position from last year.

Based on information provided from industry participants, including executives, customers and competitors, Fortune rated all the companies in categories ranging from innovation and financial soundness to quality of management, products and services. This year, the Most Admired Companies for Mortgage Services were as follows:

1. LandAmerica
2. Washington Mutual
3. Fidelity National Financial
4. First American
5. Sovereign Bancorp

Our overall score was 7.64, up from last year’s 7.49, although Fortune didn't provide individual attribute rankings this year. This high placement in our industry recognizes our adherence to our Guiding Principles. Our emphasis on Personal Values, our Drive for Excellence, and our outstanding Management Practices pay off not only in making this a great company to work for, but one that’s nationally praised.

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