Friday, March 14, 2008

76 Station, A HOT Topic!

"Save Coast Village Road" is one groups cry!

The firestorm that has surrounded the 76 station on Coast Village Road is causing some real debate.

Over at Santa Barbara's Blog, they received over 35 comments on the subject including one from me.

I personally am not as well informed as I should be on this topic and I am guessing others may be in the same boat.

I do know Jeff Farrell, who is a very active and giving community leader has spoken out against the proposed project that is under consideration. Many of the neighbors have as well.

If you read all the comments on many of the local blogs you may find that many of the folks in this community are o.k. with what is being proposed.

John Price and his comments certainly seem understandable. I thought I would do as comprehensive a job as I can to put up some links to any and all the websites and articles that may be appropriate.

Read on and make your own decision. If anyone has a link or information to include just post a comment. Thanks!

The Independent
The Independent
Daily Sound
Coast Village Road Gateway
Save Coast Village Road
Santa Barbara's Blog

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