Friday, April 4, 2008

101 Project, Get Ready!

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice the publicity the 101 freeway widening is receiving. Just about every blog and newspaper locally has had a headline letting us all know that the bid went out and the winner was Security Paving.

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The bid came in at 46 million dollars. That is a little under budget, for now! How many yards of cement does 46 big ones buy you. Good Luck to Security Paving and the rest of us while this 4 year project gets going.

There is a website that has been set up to view additional information about the scope of the entire project. You can find out about possible detours, get a look at the roundabout, even get traffic updates.

The traffic updates aren't ready yet, but that should be fun. Checking in on the action from a live video camera.

I'm not sure what impact this project is going to have on our communities traffic situation while it is getting completed, but one thing is for sure, this project is a big one and will take quite a while. So Get Ready!

See You In Escrow

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