Friday, April 25, 2008

March REO's In Santa Barbara County

One of the nice benefits of working at such a good company is that we have a group that specializes in generating information on all kinds of property statistics.

Most recently I have been playing with the information they have on REO's and Notice of Defaults and Notice of Trustee Sales.

I think one of the hot topics these days is where are all the bank owned properties and so my thoughts are to publish this information monthly using the same mapping product that I use for the monthly sales maps.

There were 92 properties that went back to their respective lenders in Santa Barbara County in March. By looking at the map it is very obvious to see that most of the new bank owned properties are in the Santa Maria and Lompoc areas.

I counted 8 properties in the Santa Barbara area, so with a little math that leaves 84 properties in the Lompoc, Santa Maria areas.

Here is a link to a map representing information on REO's for January and February.

I hope this map is helpful, and See You In Escrow!

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