Friday, May 16, 2008

April Santa Maria Property Sales, Incredible!

The north part of Santa Barbara County has not seen any real improvement in the number of sales in a long time. Last month that all changed.

Santa Maria absolutely exploded! There were 134 transactions reported by CORT. That is a 54% increase in the number of sales from March. It is almost a 60% increase from April of 2007.

I can hardly contain myself when I see that number. To see a market have this much activity when it has had such hard times for so long is very exciting. I can only hope it is a trend and not some sort of strange aberration.

The news about Lompoc isn't quite as exciting, but none the less it is hanging in there. There were 42 transactions reported compared to 45 in March. Not a big difference, but if you look at the chart Lompoc saw a nice sized increase in their transactions the month before.

The combined number of transactions was the most for an April on our chart going back four years. Pretty exciting news for the North County. I really get the feeling that the lower priced homes in our market are becoming appealing to buyers and investors. Rates are good prices are down and people who can qualify for loans should be buying if you ask me. Maybe they think so as well.

See You In Escrow!

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