Monday, July 28, 2008

June Santa Barbara REO's

There is nothing unusual about June's list of REO's. They are spread out throughout the county just as you would suspect.

There were 11 properties between Carpinteria and Goleta.

The Santa Maria area had the largest number with 106.

Lompoc had 32.

The rest of the the properties taken back by the banks were scattered among Santa Ynez, Solvang, Guadalupe, & Buellton.

In reviewing the loan amounts you can see that most of the properties had loan amounts under $500,000. There were 2 properties whose loan amounts were over $1,000,000 and they were both in Santa Barbara.

The list of lenders wouldn't surprise you either. All the major players are represented with multiple properties on the list. A couple of the lenders that have been in the news most recently like IndyMac and Countrywide are certainly busy taking back property.

Some of the other lenders are Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Deutsche Bank, & Chase.

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