Friday, July 18, 2008

Property Sales Prices In The Santa Barbara Area

Our interactive map for Homes, Condo, and all other property sales is now available.

There were not many sales in Carpinteria for June. The lowest priced sale was for $290,000 at 5945 Hickory St #1. There was one good sized sale in Carpinteria for $2,400,000 at 6635 Arozena Ln.

Goleta had a really low sales price reported for 5218 Mono Dr. of $12,750. My guess is that is some kind of partial interest in a piece of property but who knows. The next reasonably priced property was for $510,000 at 5290 Overpass Rd #12. The highest priced property in Goleta was probably a commercial piece of property at 7000 Hollister Ave for $2,900,000.

Moving on to Santa Barbara, this price is a little hard to believe, $129,000 for 4545 Oak Glen Dr #D. The highest priced piece of property reported sold by CORT in Santa Barbara was $5,100,000 at 4160 Mariposa Dr.

Montecito's lowest priced property was 621 Romero Canyon Rd, which sold for $944,000. On the other end of the spectrum, 919 Park Ln sold for $8,967,500.

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