Friday, August 1, 2008

Down Payment Assistance!

In these troubled times when qualifying to buy a home is harder than it had been. There are ways one can get help. One of those ways is with a local organization called Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation.
In looking through their website they began a number of years ago helping migrant farm workers in the Ventura area secure housing. This next paragraph is taken straight from their website.
Since these humble beginnings, CEDC has built more than 1,000 units of affordable for-sale and multi-family rental housing, manages 440 affordable rental units, and has counseled more than 1,800 households preparing to purchase a home. In addition, CEDC has helped 275 families into home ownership through education, counseling, and lending services.

One of the big pieces of their programs is educating people on how to navigate the process of owning a home. They will be in Santa Barbara next week to educate the local real estate community on how to use their down payment assistance program for first time buyers.

The real estate downturn has not produced much in the way of good news recently, but organizations like this are getting much more attention. This attention is well deserved, since they go about showing people how to own homes the right way.
If you have specific questions for them, I would suggest to check out their website mentioned above or giving them a call at 805 659-3791.

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