Thursday, September 6, 2007

Miramar Hotel?

So read today in the Daily Sound that the Miramar Hotel is running in to yet another snag in it's renovation process. This snag has to do with relocating a road that residents think may cause some flooding. It is almost hard to believe at this point that the Miramar is ever going to be finished. I got married back in 1994 and all the guests who came out from Michigan stayed at the Miramar and really did love it. It was hard to beat the location, and the price was right since it needed refurbishing even then. The developer, Rick Caruso in a verbal statement has offered local homeowners a 1 million dollar donation, free drains installed on neighbors properties as well as free hotel accommodations in the event of a flood. I would say he is doing all he can to get this issue resolved. If I were a neighbor I'm not sure what is worse the potential flood or having the eyesore that the Miramar has become remain. It sounds like Caruso may be forced to leave the road where it is. This property is such a prime piece of Santa Barbara Real Estate that really does need to be used to it's potential. Good Luck Mr. Caruso!

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