Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Papers

The Santa Barbara News Press has certainly had it's issues in this community lately. I know the real estate community last year boycotted advertising in it. Many of the writers and staff that were once there are no longer around and it's subscription base has suffered. The latest way to compete is online and the Newspress has launched Newspress TV. One of the periodicals that has picked up some staff from the Newspress is the Independent. Every Thursday there is still an anticipation by many to pick up a copy. You don't have to leave your computer anymore though you can visit their website. The Daily Sound would appear to be a spin off from the Newspress. It first came to my attention on the Mesa and now it appears to have a pretty good distribution. The one plug I would like to give it is they have a very cool online version of the paper you can read without a subscription. That is of course the one piece of the puzzle that intrigues me. The Daily Sound is completely free. The Daily Sound doesn't want to be outdone on the video side either, they are promoting a weekly news show on the internet. It is amazing how much news you can get online and free from these organizations. I'm sure I have missed out on some, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what is out there.

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