Monday, June 4, 2007

Real Estate Blogging

Since this is my very first post on my own blog I thought I would relay the brief homework I did before getting started with this blog. To begin with I kept hearing this strange word "Blog". I had no idea what it meant until I started asking a few questions and then doing some searching on the internet. One other thing hit,I was listening to a book on cd called "The World Is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman. He was mentioning how the way people get information these days is changing. More and more people are turning to blogs for their daily diet of information. I wondered if there were any real estate blogs. To my surprise I found quite a few. Many were real estate agents reaching out to their farms. I found a local real estate agent, Gary Woods had created one and was using it to inform his sphere of influence about the local real estate statistics. Heck I even found one done by a gentleman that calls himself "The Title and Escrow Guy". Well since we are all in the business of promoting ourselves I thought I would give it a shot and in about 15 minutes with a free google account I was up and running. Pretty Amazing! So now I'm wondering who the target market will be. Could it be the general public, or the real estate agent and loan agent community? It will probably take some time to figure that out, but for now I plan on posting information that could be useful for either. Stay Tuned!

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