Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Real Estate Technology

How many of you want the IPhone? I know my wife does. Technology has been changing our lives in many ways for years. Real Estate is no different. I can remember being on the Computer Committee at the Association and having discussions about if the Association should have a web site. Many thought it would be the end of real estate. Well, thank goodness it wasn't. In Santa Barbara we have the famous Gary Woods who writes his technology column for Casa Magazine. When starting my blog, I also found he had one and it was ranked very high on the search engines. Good Job Gary! I have also found a blog that specializes in technology for real estate and have found much of the information on this site useful. Check out MyTechOpinion. The most recent article gives you some good reasons to switch to Office 2007. Like being able to save your documents as pdf's, or the quality of the charting tool inside Excel. I know I am a bit of a tech person and these are exciting times to be doing business in.

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