Wednesday, June 13, 2007

May's Real Estate Market Trends

The sales information from CORT (Computer Oriented Real Estate Technology) has arrived and there are some items that are a bit curious. The number of sales on the South County (Goleta to Carp) has been higher than last years numbers for 3 months in a row. This brings the number of transactions year to date up 5% over last year. For the last 3 months the number of transactions is up 20% over last year. Our chart shows 2004 thru 2007 ytd. and this is the first time on that chart this has happened. Maybe we are seeing a trend in the South County. In the Santa Maria Lompoc areas there isn't anything that I would perceive as a trend. For the first time this year there were as many closings as last year for May (144). Maybe the North County is lagging a little bit behind the South County. If you would like a copy of either of the charts just click on them and a larger version will be displayed. I just love technology!

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